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lots of stuff.

july '06

the horrors, the sleepy jackson, the hedrons, the dykeenies, broken social scene, love is all, the everyothers, adem, sarah nixey, dangerdoom, the heights, king creosote, dirty pretty things, clap your hands say yeah, milburn, the silent type, the wombats, christiansilva, the heights, archie bronson outfit, circuits, luxembourg

june '06

the dualers, protokoll, sohodolls, the kbc, the on offs, little man tate, the morning after girls, the sunshine underground, roebeck, yes boss, revl9n, the drips, the noisettes, smog

april-may '06

mad catch up session : temposhark, national forest, the human value, piranha deathray, the common redstarts, shorty, paperlung, infadels, autokat, the lodger, the playmates, killa kela, crazy girl

april '06

king biscuit time, gorillaz, benjamin zephaniah vs rodney p, ladyfuzz, morrissey, zero db, oppenheimer, psapp, dirty pretty things, beatglider v shinri

march '06

b.c camplight, yeah yeah yeahs, test icicles, engerica, duchess says, the morning after girls, hundred reasons, duels.

February '06

memphis industries special : the pipettes, absentee, field music

the rest : the like, spank rock, clap your hands say yeah, cherubs, hardkandy, lenny kravitz, the boy least likely to, little man tate, orson, the freelance hellraiser, damn arms, morning runner, graham coxon, coco electrik, damn arms, the whip, oskar, at the lake, dilated peoples, orson, laura veirs, the modern

January '06

blondie vs the doors, cut copy, honeyroot, coldcut, c-mon, plan b, wolfmother, the sunshine underground, boy kill boy, honey root, jake searson, sarandon, the isles, harrisons, arctic monkeys, mogwai, fall out boy, ¡førward russia!

december '05

roc, temposhark, lotek hi-fi, herbaliser, weapons of mass belief, the cribs, mystery jets, clap your hands say yeah, vatican jet/the smokestack

november '05

silver sun, the new shapes, envy and other sins, performance, foreign born, the lodger, duels, coldcut, dfa1979, roots manuva, the like, rammstein, the morenas, korn, audioslave, cut copy, absentee, humanzi, and a ton of stuff, will be updated as soon as ...

october '05

the go! team, , omerta, test icicles, the paddingtons, the pipettes, the modern, tom vek, nine black alsp, maximo park, the dabdy warhols, christiansilva, the race, artic monkeys, supergrass, alfie, absentee, roll deep, black twang, ian brown, bloc party, earth the californian love dream, four tet, hardkandy, morning runner, royksopp

september '05

clor, infadels, we are scientists, hk 119, sandi thom, kaiser chiefs, lazarus, fall out boy, bloodhound gang, the black velvets, bodyrockers, sam and me, envelopes, christiansilva, noblesse oblige, mystery jets, downdime, diefenbach, this et al, king biscuit time, infadels, mcqueen.ch3vy

august '05

madness, science, harrisons, gorillaz, kt tunstall, coldplay, stateless, aeon spoke, the cribs, dungen, king creosote, ciccone, steve lawler, cadillac, funeral for a friend, nine black alps, the sonic art, the bravery.

july '05

hardkandy, the dandy warhols, roll deep, homespun, the skeleton key/steve lawler remix, broadcast, maximo park, annie, field music, clor, morning runner, supergrass, alfie, pest, drinkme, the sunshine underground, engerica, the silent league

june '05

idlewild, morning runner, tom vek, special needs, the cribs, the scaramanga six, overseer, gorillaz, ambulance ltd, death from above 1979, the departure, coldplay, autokat, the chicharones, def tex, every map a picture, lo-fi-fnk, the house of love, the black velvets

may '05

temposhark, milburn, stoney, the lodger, kaiser chiefs, chok rock, the suffrajets, herbaliser.

april '05

clor, raw bud v roni size, ryan adams and the cardinals, razorlight, one self, millencolin, luxury car, kylie, tom vek, demon summer, the morenas, mama scuba, yacht club, idc, the departure, countermine.

march '05

meloboy, the black velvets, agent blue

February '05

the bravery, prefuse 73, mark joseph, rammstein, restless diesel, kaiser chiefs, ambulance ltd, joya, the conway story, skalpel

january ' 05

annie, blue states, quasimoto, roots manuva, the others, stuffy/the fuses, being 747

december '04

the silent league, the go! team, 69corp, temposhark, the longcut, the black velvets

november '04

two lone swordsmen, tim wright, bebel gilberto, THE SCARAMANGA SIX, HAVANA GUNS, GRAHAM COXON, HIDING PLACE,

october '04

the others, the departure, the mighty stars, soundhog, sum41, wagon christ, thisgirl, cartwheel,

september '04

miss kittin, beans, soberskin, loganstone, mansun, the boxer rebellion, beyer and lenk featuring tiga

august '04

another bumper pack - johnny boy, meow meow, !!!, graham coxon, new rhodes, the shins, ryan adams, merchandise

july '04

lots - including cayto, [cultureindustry], beta band, the divine comedy, 2 lone swordsmen, clor, t.raumschmiere, miss kittin, thisgirl, xisloaded, hiding place

june '04

idc, meow meow, the a.m., pet, squarepusher, prince po, cathy davey, lowfive, hiding place

may '04

!!!, two lone swordsmen, calexico, the glitterati, yellowcard, inme, xisloaded, graham coxon, bloc party, katastrophy wife.

april '04

amplifier, dilated peoples, the beta band.

march '04

stellarstar*, the boxer rebellion, the open, the shins, the divine comedy.

january/february '04

death cab for cutie, monster magnet, earth the californian love dream, longview, engerica, ryan adams, the rapture, razorlight, sia, ikara colt, stereophonics, flight16.

december '03

feeder, madonna, swimmer one, breed 77, the hard ons

november '03

razorlight, the wildhearts, the moonies, michael franti, erin mckeown, the rapture, mogul

october '03

janes addiction, happylife, franz ferdinand

september '03

fin, engerica, athlete, boxer rebellion, luke vibert

august '03

the foofs, lady leather machine, the ga ga's, boot 50

july '03

mower, bowling for soup.

june '03

the go! team, all systems go, future kings of spain, janes addiction, the star spangles

may '03

kings of woolworths, staind

march '03

coldplay, athlete, nylon pylon, the star spangles, inme, 209

february '03

gavouna, idlewild, lhb,dog, medicine8, stabb, harpies, fin and a ton of others !

january '03

minuteman, simian, 80's matchbox, melaton, goldrush, the veils, feeder, easyworld

december '02

suede, jesse james, the star spangles

november '02

coldplay, danko jones, baikonour, foofs (again !)

october '02

woodstar, athlete, idlewild, dirty vegas, just jack, little hell, dna doll

september '02

minuteman, ooberman, deadly avenger, foofs, sixty mile smile