record labels


current passions


rockers revolt - old-but-new reggae in all its various forms.

ninjatune - best label in the world ? very probably


dust science - sheffield. techno. love it.

melodic - warm. original. different.

ztt records - no introduction necessary

memphis industries - wide ranging sounds.

tripel records - to quote : 'electronica/bastard pop/plunderphonics'

warp - i remember when it all used to be bleeps round these parts ..

on-u sound - a way of life.




lex records - hip hop in all of its weird and wonderful varieties

rednetic recordings - new electronica label

bella union.

izumi records - a new addition to the family. so far proving to be totally worthy of your attention.

antidote - i like this lot's style. hip hop as it should be.

regal - 2006 - it's all about lily allen

motivesounds recordings. very new. very interesting.

brainlove records : a dayglo website and mad music. where's the pain?

son records - the best in uk hip hop

moshi moshi music - quality. no filler.

akoustik anarkhy - new manchester label who advise :  "rock-n-roll begins at home .."

something in construction - a fascinating new label, includes uk hip hop and orchestral pop, as well as someone called lazurus.

$tateside - emi reissue label. rejoice in the class.

frontline - reggae reissues worthy of some investigation.

new : shifty disco - happy 5th birthday !

dance to the radio - new label based in leeds.

wrath records - noisy guitars and weirdness from leeds.

r.i.p : 13 amp recordings - officially now defunkt.

elusive recordings - ambient mellowness from ireland.

anticon - wierd and wonderful.

pronoia records - new indie label.

superglider - diverse yet consistent.

arena rock recordings co - new york + guitars, with an added element of the land of the rising sun.

bad taste records - swedish label. all bases covered.

the red flag recording co - noisy upstarts.

distraction records - new sounds from newcastle upon tyne.

creation - guitars and songs.

mo'wax - its not all triphop.

morphine lane records - swedish pop in all varieties.

unique records - french. elongated noise soundscapes. dark electronica. bonjour.

deep-water recordings