the b*stard pop offspring from the people behind infantjoy, james banbury, and paul morley,  who have started up a boutique record label (could someone please explain that term to me) through which they can release yet more brilliant sounds from deepest ambience to the euphoria house via dashes of drama enriched electronica

in 2007 this label should be definitely on your radar.

in a similar way to the early days of ztt records, the label assign numbers to each of their releases and sub catalogue numbers to each of the various marketing offshoots

the story so far .....

figment01 : image of a group - matter. mini-lp release, download only via

figment02 : sarah nixey - the collector/love and exile.  single, download only.

figment03 : sarah nixey - silent night. download only.

figment04 : sarah nixey - strangelove. single release.

figment05 : infantjoy - with. album release.

figment06 : sarah nixey - strangelove remix ep. download only.

figment07 : sarah nixey - sing, memory. album release, advance promo.

figment08 : sarah nixey - when i'm here with you. single release, advance promo.