x is loaded


massive misguidance


3 tracks : massive misguidance,do you like it,break it on the way down

first release from this bath combo. brash/noisy and in your face muse type indie rock.. there are elements of a great band here just needs a bit more polish. the voice is powerful, and doesn't hide in the shadows of studio production.

could be very interesting.


thirteen days


single track promo for forthcoming release sees the band honing their talents quickly - obviously gigging hard has paid off. the song is superior angular guitar rock with an opening bassline that evokes memories of the groovier rock parts of the stereo mc's, but then 30 seconds in the guitars let rip and are phased/distorted beautifully. the singer has found his vocals dont have to be stretched to the max all the time and can invoke shivers up the spine.

an excellent progression from their first release. in fact after a couple of listens this has become a firm favourite.