the candys


i feared the worst considering the name . after all 'candy' in pop groups names does not bode well, the candyskins and candyflip being memories one would like to expel, i need not have worried. this two tracker on new label bossmusic is knock out stuff.

first track 'queen of perfection' is all done and dusted in 1.57 mins - these guys aint hanging about.

the song is one mother of a indierocker.

next track 'monitor rock' is basically the cross collision of early supergrass with a guest appearance from the dandy warhols keyboard player. the bass line is overly familiar and should rip apart any quality student indie night (once they get past the ironic playing of hearsay!) the track hits a groove and doesn't let up for 3.33 mins .. which includes a mad breakbeat section in the middle ! i await the aphex twin remix with glee.

if oasis can do it with beatles/elo/clash/stones etc then i dont see a problem with the candys ripping off indiepunkrock classic styles and churning back out again with insistent chorus's, punchy bass lines and swirly synths.

there are many obvious reference points - but for this writer this is a refreshing blast of guitar pop - if only the radio stations would get this pumped on the stereo then the summer could really start.

sweet perfection