caramel jack - songs from low story


this is a strange one. packaged with old faded photos of old fairgrounds and looking like something that should not appeal to anyone in particular, this collection of brighton experimental musical travellers incorporates many different genres into their lushness. fairground music, americana, orchestral pop, samples all carefully blended together with sublime atmospheric additions from bj cole fine pedal steel on several tracks (listen carefully there is even some deft scratching going on here and there !), sounds bizarre doesn't it? well it is. but still its somehow beautifully listenable.

a few listens reveals some gorgeous songs, the piano led beauty of 'her friend the rain' stands out due to its simple hook. obviously this album has been made with a lot of love and attention .. despite a lack of budget which does indeed show from time to time in the overall muffled sound - or is that intentional ?

but, instead of digital clarity the listener is taken aback to times when pop music could be melodic, original and yet somehow familiar, all at the same time.

warm moods and sweetly biting lyrics make for a very unique album. imagine the divine comedy discovering americana instead of burt bacharach and not giving a shit about the sales figures. i love the fact that there are bands out there still pushing the boundaries of pop music and still somehow making something this special.