j xaverre - these acid stars


at last we have the full proper lp. no more having to make compilations of your fave j-x tracks to make the household chores more tolerable, no more having to pile all the singles up and swap them over, nope, cos this collection is all you need. opening with the two recent singles 'saturday' and 'great all great', including previous nme single of the week 'bingo wings', and old ep classic 'horse operas', the lp is a masterful collection of otherworldly guitar pop songs, and a lot more as well.

pete gofton, surely details are no longer required, has converted his bedroom corner aka wang studio into his own personal pop music heaven. from which these lo-fi experiments blossomed into full proper pop music. not created by producers and ex-model school entrants, but the songs are created masterfully by someone with a genuine love for the true art of a 3.5 minute song.

over the course of 54 minutes the listener is treated to fuzzed up sweet guitars, beatbox'd loops, funny off kilter synths and all manner of sonic twiddly bits, and petes slight non-macho vocals. but, and this is the important bit, the songs are the top priority, not the sonic setting.

personal highlights are the new tracks like 'sports day 1983' with its lemon jelly type of happy instrumental vibes, which then drops into 'fire's which moves along nicely until we get to the backing vocals which take the track into another dimension. a show stopper. and having the detail that the fem vox are provided by pete's partner in rhyme and reason lea makes you wonder if the pop world has a new double act to watch out for. likewise the epic 'ballad of j xaverre' a 8 minute full on track, climaxing in a sax solo straight out of a david bowie classic.not forgetting the collaboration with my other fave king of woolworths 'ex wonderboy' - a fine slice of electro enhanced guitar pop music, with a damn catchy chorus/melody line, and future single. glorious stuff.

i wont go into a track by track rundown, as i have described j-x songs elsewhere. needless to say that this is an album to treasure, it is an album to warm to, it is an album to love. it's not a lifestyle choice, it's not an album to impress your cool friends with (though it should if you had the right friends), nope. instead it is an album that will fill your soul and be a perfect soundtrack to your well deserved moments of rest and calm.

i really love it. a lot.

but i guessed you know that.