ireallylovemusic vs t.raumschmiere


a long long time ina galaxy far far away, ireallylovemusic sent off some q's to the relevant people to hopefully get marco haas of electro-industrial-ambient punk monsters t.raumschmiere to answer. 

the ongoing silence was deafening, then today (12-07-06) without warning this happened.



hello marco,

yo mark!

nice one re the new album. [note : the epic beast blitzgrieg pop had just been released]
best thing to have graced my ears in a long, long time. honest.

i tank u.
if you're happy, i’m happy.

firstly, the main aspect to the new album is the appearance of your own vocals, why did you decide to step out from behind the machines and front a few of the tracks on the new album, had you used up all your guest star quotas ?

haha, no way! i just found out that it’s much easier to do it myself instead of waiting for some crackheads to send me vocalparts via email…. hehehe. and even if they all have written great words some things i wanna say by myself.

did you know that you could sing, or, were you sent off to singing lessons by the band ?

singing lessens? not yet ;-) i never had a musical education at all. learnin by doing, trial and error is the way. at least the way to find your own style. 14 years ago i used to sing in a band called “final step”. more a metal-cover band. we played tracks from the melvins, white zombie, pantera, rhcp etc…. but but we split in 94.
and when i moved to berlin in ‘97 i had this band called “the speedqueens” where i also was singin for about 1-2 years. the speedqueens are now called “crack whore society” and i play the drums ;-) (album coming soon)

did you always have aspirations to become a popstar - despite your anti manifesto ?

fuck that popstar shit! i love my music too much to waste my time in that superficial world. i’ve been sniffing the air in there and it stinks.

what exactly is the whole 'anti' thing about - what are you actually anti about ?

i wanna give people energy, wanna show them that with passion, hard work, discipline & a good bottle of whiskey you can make your dreams come true. but you have to watch out for traps, keep your eyes open and pay attention that you don’t get fooled and lost in this world. so “the whole anti thing” could be seen as a metaphor for that. it’s more a philosophically and ethical thing. i could also use slogans like “question authority” or “don’t believe the hype” or “just say (k)now” but i like staying anti better.

what drove this desire to declare the anti manifesto, is it simply a nice marketing strategy, or is there something more to it, that has always driven you ?

you know what i hate about interviews? you always have to justify yourself and have to bring evidence that your way of living is “real” and not just a marketing strategy.
and why do you think an anti manifesto is so unusual or outstanding that you have to ask about that anyway? i’d say that any more or less well educated person with at least a little bit of a political consciousness has various reasons to create his own anti-manifesto. isn’t it sad that so many artists have no attitude? in 99% they also do shit music.
so yes, this dislike against a lot of things has always driven me. and i won’t capitulate just because some idiots bother me!

so the new album, what’s the message behind it? your lyrics are full of vitriol, dark humour and seething animosity, are you full of raging hormones that need an outlet, or is this all an act, in the same way that eminem is a persona ? are you in actual fact a bad tempered mofo who has found his perfect role in life, or a laidback monkey who plays the part of hard ass very well ?

humor is one of the most valuable things that one has. and it’s one of the few things that make live worth living it. my musick is not an act! it’s the sum of my live. and things couldn’t be better…

for all the noise and anger, your songs have a real need to be loved by as many people as possible. there is a real pop sensibility behind many of your songs, is this something you set out to achieve?

that’s why the title includes the word “pop”.

legend has it, that your musical passions revolve around industrial, hardcore, and punk, drop some names into the pot that have given you reason in the last few years, what's your favourite album of 2005 so far ?

the first album i bought was Michael jackson’s “thriller” on double vinyl, the next one was slayer’s “reign in blood”. the latest album i bought was tool’s “10.000 days”.
i was (still am) big fan of coil, throbbing gristle, (early)misfits, esplendor geometrico, deutsch nepal, helmet, shellac, nine inch nails, dead kennedys, biosphere, aphex twin, tool, non, bohren & der club of gore, radiohead, the jesus lizard, motörhead, no means no, the dillinger escape plan, unsane, kinderzimmer productions and some more…

tell us about the current live show - your website list is never ending. what do you still enjoy about the live experience ?

it fuckin rocks!!! people start stage diving now and do the pogo! in techno clubs!!!

how do you put together the show - is it all on machines/computers, or is this a continuation of the mos eisley rock/ crack whore society band ?

at the moment it’s still based on computers and sequences, that’s because the songs where not written for a band. the new songs are written and programmed for a band, there's more “air “in them for live instrumentation. but still it will by computer sequenced, i like it tight.
crack whore society is a complete different thing. i’m only the drummer and the producer. the main difference is that in this project i do what they want and not they do what i want.

do you still drum in the show, or are you merely the front man jumping about shouting at the audience and coordinating the chaos?

i mainly the guy who causes the chaos….

what are your pre-gig rituals ?

i put my head under cold water, jump around and stretch my body.
i don’t have to mention the 2 bottles of single malt, do i?

the artwork by cia industries complements the music brilliantly, the rough-n-ready style, the headphone (now replaced by trucker hat) wearing skull and crossbones. do you get involved with that side of things, or do you trust cia ind to come up with the images/ideas ?

i trust him completely. but still we work out ideas together. that’s because he’s a perfectionist and it takes him forever to even finish a fuckin sketch ;-)
we know each other for over 15 years now and he knows what kinda style i like and what not. that makes the communication easier.

the 2 finger salute hasn't been at the forefront of british street language since horse jockey harvey smith overused the symbol in the late 70's/early 80's, what made you revive this particular form of greeting ?

pure marketing strategy

2 albums in for mute - both under the 45 minute mark. you don't hang about do you. is this shortness of album length done with reason ? do you not feel the urge to flesh out the albums with a few extras ?
hehehe…., dude on radio blackout there were 4 bonus videos on the cd, and when u bought the vinyl you got the video cd for free! you don’t call that extras? and anyway, my albums are just teasers for the live shows…
but seriously, the album length was part of the concept. especially on blitzkrieg “pop” the average track length was 3 minutes. pop-song-style.
the songs for a new album that i’m recently working on go another way, their average length is 5minutes with a monotonous structure and more subversive hooklines.

how do you select your guests .. is it purely down to people you know/like ? or is there a plan going on ('oh x's voice will suit this mood') ?

i find them on the streets begging for money….

if you had infinite resources, who would you want to guest on your albums?

johnny cash, nick cave, pj harvey

when not creating noise, or being a pop star, what is that marco does to relax and calm the nerves ?

in best case i do nothing. hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing….
of course that rarely happens since i’m also the daddy of a 3,5 year old son (milan) and the owner of a club for musickal specialists (shitkatapult)

and finally .. have you ever actually driven a monster truck ? 


that’s all folks.

and the outcome from this : go buy t.raumschmiere records now. they're fucking great.



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