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as the creators of one of the years best debut releases of 2003 and some excellent mixes ireallylovemusic is rather chuffed that rich from the soulsavers has taken some time out to answer a few questions :

1. 2003. quite a year for soulsavers .. which have been your own personal highlights ?

it's been a bit hectic to say the least, finally seeing the finished record on the shelves was a good feeling. i've traveled pretty extensively too, from la to tokyo which has just been so much fun, meeting new people and making lots of friends along the way(lots of new sofa's to sleep on). but to be honest the highlight was probably not work related, two of my best friends got married to each other, it was at the top of the empire state building in new york, it was snowing it was just great. it puts everything else that's going on into a better perspective.

2. as you know i love your debut lp. what was the idea behind it ? there is a certain feel across the whole lp, a consistency. not a normal dance related lp with each track trying out a different genre/style .. was this intentional ?

yes, that was pretty much the idea. we recorded a lot of material during the sessions for this record, and a lot of it didn't make it to the final cut. that's not because it wasn't good enough, some of my favorite material didn't make it onto the final cut, but because we wanted to create an album, not just a collection of tracks. we picked the 9 tracks we felt worked together the best to create one body of work.

3. josh haden .. who he, and how did you come across him ? and why were the vocals recorded in la ?

josh is a good friend of mine, had his own band called spain. their first record is one of my favorite records of all time "the blue moods of spain". i just thought he'd fit with our record perfectly. josh lives in la, so that's why we recorded the vocals there.

4. cabin fever .. was this a reference to the scary mary movie released this year ? (several folks have asked me this !) as the track is a scary sounding john carpenter style groove ?

erm, no. we recorded and titled that track about a year ago, i've never seen the movie, i'm not a big horror movie fan.

5. from the sounds released your influences seem to spread far and wide, where did this passion stem from ?

i've always been into lots of stuff, i used to work in a record store, so i was exposed to a wide range of great records from an earlyish age. i love records like miles davis & alice coltrane thru to people like the pixies & janes addiction via public enemy & aphex twin. i'm just a natural obsessive collector, when i discover an artist i like i have to find their entire catalogue of work. good music is good music, i doesn't matter if it's jazz, hip hop, country, rock.... if it's good it's good.

6. 2 groups in one. one side is the smooth downtempo cinematic soundscapes you produce yourselves, clashing with the dance friendly fun-in-the-sun soundsystem mixes .. how do you reconcile the two .. will you be moving into producing more uptempo dance grooves in the future ?

nah, the production side of things will continue to evolve, but never into a dancefloor style setup. we may take things into a more hiphop direction in the future, but you know... tough guys don't dance. the soundsystem mixes, are something i do without ian, it's just a bit of fun for me really, nothing too serious. it's one of the few areas we don't have that much common ground on, he's not really that down with the funk..... we did work on the "in a blue room" mix together though, and that's probably one of my favourite mixes, so i'm sure we'll do another one together at some point.

7. are you/have you always been a crate digger or do you delve into the archives of friends to find your sounds ?

both really, i spend far to much time and money traveling around the world digging thru boxes. it's one of those things though, it's like being any other kind of addict, once your hooked.... that's it your fucked. but it's also useful to have those likeminded digging friends, super useful for company on long flights, providing sofa's to sleep on but mainly for the ability to tip you off on great records you didn't know about. djformat is the main guy i go traveling with now, he's unstoppable, he won't leave a building until he's been through every box. we were in japan a few weeks ago and i actually fell asleep in a record store, i was so tired i hadn't slept for about 36hrs. and he's just like "why are you sleeping.. this places closes in 2 hrs and we're only half way thru". i find his hunger to find new beats pretty inspiring.

8. re : san quentin recordings. is this your own label or are there other acts on the label that the listening public should be aware of ?

yeh, it's our own label. who know's maybe if i find a bit of time next year i'll put out a few other records on it too. i'm just gonna wait and see what happens really.

9. the lp and the soundsystem mixes have all been lovingly packaged along with the website .. is this aspect of music important to you ?

totally, the guy who did the artwork for "tough guy's..", "smoking & drinking.." and the website is really good. i think the packaging is really important, people start to form an opinion of a record from the moment they pick it up out of the rack. it's really important that the artwork makes you want listen to the records.

10. what are your plans for 2004 ?

i think it's looking pretty busy right now.

i've got 3 or 4 basic outlines for tracks that i wanna jump into and build a new record around. for many reasons the last one took forever to make & for once i'm pretty inspired/motivated to get into something new, so i wanna seize the moment really. it's not like i want spend the year trying to squeeze sales out of this record, i don't care about things like that, we put it out, it's there for people to find if they want to look for it, it's time to do something fresh.

we're also talking to three different film production companies about scores, hopefully at least one of those will come off early next year. film soundtracks is something i really would like to get into.
and then, we've had a few offers to play at a couple of festivals in europe this summer, so one of the film scores doesn't come off, i think we're going to try and put a live band together to rework some of the tracks off the record to take on the road.

11. fave lp of 2003 ?

depends on the day really, the ones that stood out more than others were; outkast(andre's love below disc), m83, madlib(shades of blue), black keys.