regular fries


ireallylovemusic was chuffed to bits recently to get the lowdown on the highs and lows experienced by the cosmo-groovers the regular fries.

ladies and gentlemen i give to you,

cornelius hope - the bands spokesman :

so is this new compilation the final chapter of the regular fries or will we hear of secret debauched 10th aniversary gigs?

Much like Andy Kaufman, the Fries legend will be a puzzle wrapped in an enigma signed with a question mark. Suffice to say they will one day, no doubt, return to the Solar System to warp some more minds, polluted by the sonic pollution of Coldplay, Travis, Keane etc.

mission accomplished ? or were things cut short in the bands prime prior to fulfilling the bands promise?

It was war. The Fries were the resistance movement. Our mission was the overthrow of the charts, followed by the planet itself. All work was to be abolished, acid flooded into the water supply, the novels of George Orwell, John Fowles and Italo Calvino put on national curriculum and Funkadelic albums played through loudspeakers on street corners on request. As it turned out, we caused a couple of dents and, via the Fries National Bank (all t-shirts and merchandise were bought and sold with Fries own cash) upset the Dow Jones for a couple of weeks. We will return……

after having had many releases which one are the band most proud of ? and why ..

I think a lot of people loved the ‘Eclipse’ single, produced, at his own request, by Dave Friddman (Flaming Lips) but I know Rich, Robin and Andy loved ‘Brainticket’ (a twenty-first century update of the scene in ‘Clockwork Orange’ where Alex gets his mind altered). For a lot of us though, it was rare b-side ‘Mars Hotel’. Don’t come around, but if you do…..(included on the new ‘Phone In Sick’ comp)

do you believe that the public just didn't get the bands vibes?

The Fries were getting there, it just would have taken a bit longer than with a commercial band because the Fries were more about an experience than a cheesy radio tune.. A million in debt to the label, they bottled it. Your loss, V2!

did the band make any mistakes along their eventful journey which they later regretted - or a case of 'this is us - take it or leave it' ?

Mistakes? Well, maybe lighting up a distress flare at the V Festival and forcing the entire site to be closed down, doing the same at a festival in Paris and getting billed for 30,000 francs. All the band taking acid before the biggest London show (NME gig at the Astoria) probably wasn’ t a smart move in retrospect….or releasing a 30 minute debut EP as their major debut (‘Free The Fries) which included instructions on how to hypnotise yourself. In some people’s minds, these were all mistakes for a band signed to a vast record deal wit hall the expectations that implies.. For the Fries, consequently, they were triumphs!

many releases had wonderfuly designed covers adding to the mystique and intrigue. the compilation though shows a scary photo shot of the boys. is this a wise thing ?

You gotta look down the barrel of the lens sometime. Now’s the time. It’s the best Fries sleeve yet. And check out the collage inside! (not to mention the sleeve notes)

did the band expect the critical praise and hatred which seemed to be displayed in equal measures ? there were some areas of the press who really laid into the fries recorded output ? do you believe that the critiscms were fair - or was there more to the negativity ?

There was a lot of jealousy around the band. A lot of journo’s didn’t like the fact Paul had worked for the NME and Wil laws a business partner with Richard Fearless. The band thought the reviews were funnier, the more nasty they got.

did the fact that paul moody had connections within the inner circle of the music industry hinder or help the progress of the band ?

Hard to say. He always used to say ‘Live by the sword/Die by the sword’, often after a few shots of absinthe….

jbo records. how mad was all that would that ever happen in today's controlled business? how did you find a label willing to get involved in such a risky band (so many people/personalities involved, the obvious lifestyle choice chosen by the band, the unwillingness to play the standard rock band route etc etc) why, and when, did things start to fall apart between the label and the band, as for a while the relationship appeared to be a perfect partnership.

The band were signed by Robin Turner (formerly of Heavenly Records), a prince among men, who clambered aboard the Fries juggernaut as they took off in pursuit of the promised land. The perfect relationship with JBO, consequently, until the sums stopped adding up and the suits started getting edgy….ain’t that always the way…alas, such chaos has meant that labels are even more straight-laced now in the wake of the Fries legendary million pound debts…

how easy was it to get the tracks for the comp licensed from v2 then?

A few good people there helped us out. Like any resistance movement, you’ll always find secret allies in the strangest places.

are there still recordings which you would like to see put out there for general consumption?

There are a few recordings left over. The band may one day regroup and re-record, or, more likely, start afresh in the studio. Hard to say, and lines with the Vega Constellation are currently down.

the band seemed to surf a certain zeitgeist with their choice of remixes - how did the band choose the remixers?

A lot to do with Robin’s foresight and the band’s desire to be seen as anything other than an indie band. Pre-rock revival, the notion of indie-dom was abhorrent., Hence the Fries association with Campag Velocet (still a great band) and the Lo-Fis. Ian Brown of course, who asked the band to tour with him, knew this implicitly…

soft city recordings .. what's the plan now?

Release ‘Phone In Sick’, organize a Fries Convention in the Himalayas, plan that tenth year anniversary gig in the Whiskey, LA (with Kool Keith and Lemmy guesting on ‘Brainticket’.) The label is currently in rude health, and is about to release a CD compilation of their latest signings, NEILS CHILDREN, who are getting a lot of attention. They are mind-blowing!

hope to see you at the 10th anniv gig mr cornelius hope !