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note : an except from this is to appear in the may issue of clash magazine

BTW : is the name meant to be in capitals ? (just need to check !)

Clor are not case sensitive – ideally we would like each letter carved out of stone and 10ft high

You have been busy recently, having fun?

It’s all play and no work – we are having a ball

Did you find out you like the whole touring situation, or was it a tortuous experience?

Touring is brilliant, we get to meet exceptional people all over the country  - some of those service stations have exemplary facilities and 8 people can learn to live in the back of a van with surprising ease, a triumph of the human spirit.

 Or, do you prefer the warmth of the studio?

Our studio is a cold back bedroom – smaller than the back of the van.

What did you learn from the gigs with the Prodigy?

That dressing rooms aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and it’s easy to get lost back stage at the Brixton Academy.

 Being involved with Roots Manuva’s live band must introduce you to all sorts of musical genres that you have yet to explore within CLOR, can we expect a dub version of the album?

Luke has been working on his rhymes now for a while and we can expect him to throw down some dope shit imminently.

 You have a new single coming out soon – tell me about it ? (note : I am at loss currently – only have debut ep at the moment)

Love + Pain will be released on 25th April it’s a basic love song, you know giant bear meets tiny hairy woman, they fall in and out of love, she steals the honey etc, he gets lost and found – the usual tale all told through the medium of rock guitars, soulful drums and heavy , heavy, vocals.

Why the mystery and complete lack of band image?

My mum says it’s better to conceal than to reveal and to paraphrase J P Sartre – Even in choosing not to choose our choice is made – something we tell ourselves every single day during our band breakfast/motivational meeting.

What horrors are you trying to hide from your prospective audience? Could this not be a little off putting for the modern celeb focussed generation, who like to know exactly how cute the bass player is prior to purchasing the single?

The cuteness of our bass player is beyond dispute – NONE MORE CUTE. Our apparent lack of band image/mystery etc is all part of a carefully orchestrated and highly convoluted media campaign – there are no horrors.

Who set up the websites design aspect, and does the artwork. After all, some of those images imply someone is in need of some therapy?

We developed the website ourselves, Bob the keyboard player puts it together – we wanted to offer something other than pictures of moody pouting boys  leaning against brick walls, Barry draws the pictures, there is an ongoing debate as to whether he needs therapy.

 You hadn’t gone through the normal route of lots of gigs/fanzines/word of mouth situation, just straight to record deal. How did Regal come to hear about you?

The band formed out of a club night called Bad Bunny – we made Making You All Mine as something to play there – a little experiment. No-one was more surprised than us when record companies started to get interested and when we got offered an EP deal we were completely gobsmacked. We played a few gigs at the Windmill in Brixton and people just got into it – that’s where we were seen by Jimmy Smith who then took our demo to Regal and before we knew what had happened we were signed.

Have you been subjected to any peer group jealousy?

Not really we’ve got on really well with everyone we’ve played with maybe we’re naïve but I don’t think people are that cynical really.

I see an obvious musical connection between CLOR and Tom Vek, how did you decide upon the musical direction of the music?

We didn’t decide on a musical direction – we were compelled by forces beyond our control to make music that we enjoy, in some senses it’s completely self-indulgent, Clor’s music just comes out whenever we get together. I think if following a creative impulse it has to be this way – you pursue an aesthetic that is fairly undefined and see where it takes you.

What were your hopes and expectations and motivation when piecing together the CLOR manifesto?

Buck the trend.

Where the rest of the current shakers and makers seem to be focussing on the more serious side to post punk, you have a definite Devo style situation, both in the sound and the visual humour (see bands website). An intentional poke at the past or an innocent observation?

We haven’t analysed our output with regard to its historical context too thoroughly, but we are all music fans who listen to a huge variety of music – was post punk that serious? I think innocent observation.

 What other bands/artists have influenced your style?

Wow this list could go on and on, Erase Erratta, Numbers, Le Tigre, Brian Eno, Sparks Duetsche Amaerican Freundshaft, Kraftwerk, Zapp, Prince, Grace Jones, Nue!, Mark E Smith, Sonic Youth, Daft Punk, Hot Chip,  Herbie Hancock, AC/DC - the usual suspects

 Posters of your pop heroes (past of present!) on your bedroom wall .. yes/no ?

No – flock wall paper too delicate.

What is the process for the creation of a CLOR track : composition first on computers then add live band feel – or the other way around – live band then process via computers to add modern extras ?

No real formula – some tracks emerge in the practice room, some in the studio/bedroom, we put down a lot of material that never makes it out of the studio – or hasn’t yet and there are quite a few songs we still have to record. 

is the album Self produced?


 Working title?


Lacerations on a theme… maybe…

The album is supposedly ready for end of the year. That seems a long way off right now. Will you be using the forthcoming gigs to assess the songs that work and those that don’t to tighten the flow of the album?

August 1st is the date in our schedule, working on Album order at the moment.

Tell me about Club CLOR ? Is that just you guys playing your fave records, or is there more to these happenings ?

We get to play our fave records, we get great bands to play, our friends and other artists get to play their fave records, Dj Bill Trible gets to mash it up, visuals, booze, dancing – we do see it as an opportunity to capitalise on our good fortune and give an opportunity for other Bands/Artists to gain some exposure and of course have a good time doing it.

 How did this come about? Will you be continuing with the Club as your profile increases?

We were asked if we wanted to do it and we love it – hopefully it will continue, it is a really great venue ran for all the right reasons by excellent people.

And finally :

tell me something scary about CLOR that no-one else yet knows ..


Amongst the members of Clor there reside 3 Blue Peter badge holders and 1 line dancing enthusiast, a semi professional footballer and a medal winning trampolinest.