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ireallylovemusic is proud and honoured to present some reviews written by some of the most interesting new artists.

after all

what makes a music maker tick ...





sonic avenger gives us a lowdown on the classic early days of alice cooper, prior to his discovery of the corporate advertising revenue.

rich from junkboy reveals his passion for all things anti-ambient. the rock deity that is andrew wk's new lp, 'the wolf'

greg wilson (ruthless rap assasins, manbreak) - reviews buffalo gals and its glorious impact on all those who heard it. (including me)

rich (junkboy) reviews sam prekop

matt (tex la homa) reviews a foehn compilation

jon (king of woolworths) gives a personal insight into his pleasure derived from a long lost serge gainsbourg release

eso from the foofs lets us into his desire for the ultimate slacker rock album. weezer's pinkerton impresses him.

roving crate digger matt shaw (tex la homa) finds a geographic compilation that sounds fantastic. start the hunt now ..

rizlo from the superlative seemonster describes the grumpy old men of punk on the umpteenth reunion .. wire's send. a new punk classic ?