the vibrants

pilots of japan - the plan to reverse time ...

birdpen - 4 tracks

the garrets - 4 track demo

ster - charge it to your mind

gran capitan - interesting 3 track demo

glideascope - with strings attached ep.

stonegrass - re write the words ep

q and th bud_ - sweet dreams. great fun 2 track demo.

science - you passed thru. mighty fine 3 track demo.

straiph - thin bony scour

subt lemon - nice try. demo album from london.

the mighty stars - 5 track ep. c86 anyone ?

twenty twenty vision - 7 track demo. sweet, delicate songs.

the infidels - 3 track demo. and q&a session.

daniel patrick quinn - the winter hills - is this folk drone ?

conformist - paid to take it. scarynoises.

the flicker - rock. sweden. interesting.

the good time women - timewarp rock-n-roll band from usa. not new garage rock, thankfully.

dropstars - not so innocent electropop

neo - big rock.

adam barringer a new talent in ambient drone genre.

everett young - high production value pop music.

conrad - excellent 4 track demo.

fin - damn fine 2 track promo.

paul fenton