the evenings - louder in the dark ep


how on earth did i miss this one !

languishing in the promo mountain for far too long, a nudge from the label boss made me dig this out and try this, after days of believing that there was nothing in the pile that would bring joy and elation to my inner being.

to summarise : 4 tracks of genre busting ideas that sound far too good and special to be missed.

hip hop beats, fuzzed up guitars, electronica techno, ear blistering noise and just when you think you cant handle the truth, a fucking wonderfully dark-n-nasty bass noise distresses your soundsystem to great effect. and that's just the first 30 seconds of the opening track, 'fizzy piss', nice title. then to follow this hardcore 4 minutes, the band then drop one of the most melodic songs i have heard in ages, 'i didn't remember'. built around a repeated vocal loop sung by all of the band in intermingling fashion (like you did on recorder for 'londons burning' all those years ago at school - when learning the theory of a round ??) - highly addictive and very very good.

third track, 'paste', has a rock solid beat keeping the action tight, while all manner of aural madness is let loose in the surroundings, cheeky analogue noises pervade the airspace like someone remembering bentley rhythm ace in far more detail that they should, before the beat begins to glam up proceedings and a chunky guitar type noise makes the rock heads happy. fantastic stuff, simple as that, that's not to be taken too seriously.

thankfully, the energy levels are slowed down to a pleasant level for the ep closer, 'chicken & king'. a little bit of trip hopped out beats and echoed acoustic guitars never hurt anyone, especially when they are joined by more off the wall synthetic extras, and an extended freak guitar solo timewarped in from from a 1973 prog studio takeout.

all of which makes the 17.5 minutes contained within this debut ep seem like the best way to start off a hopefully eventful recording career.