essence of giraffe


first full length release for boss music label. and straight into a strange one.

from the cover alone you know this is different.

the picture depicts barth covered with shaving foam and a small doughnut shoved up his nose !

hmm yes .. lets move on. the music is all over the place .. strange noises/electric lo-fi rhythm tracks/electronic tweets and clicks and lovely real instrumentation meet up and combine to make a unique soundscape. some songs are sung with an innocence that evoke pure joy. the overall effect is like being thrown into a very warm sweet smelling bath - its just too luxurious to resist even though you know there's something not quite right about it.

there are sweet dub tracks, melodic acoustic strummings, everything basically. most tracks sound like beck (when he was fun) hanging out with gorillaz after a few too many herbal cigarretes.


superb. and highly recommended - just ignore the cover.


valentina tuesday ep


4 track ep. 2 of which are lifted from the above full lengther, the lovely summer tune valentina tuesday (a summer kinks type ditty) which is followed by the excellent ezekiel 49 which supplements the opening track well as they are both strong highlights from the lp. then the ep deviates and there are two dubby tracks, cookie,chunking fefesse, which reveal the extra talents of barth as master of the recording studio and varied instrumentation, the tracks are interesting dub-lite skanking pop songs. which should be heard by one and all and dont deserve to get lost.